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Customer is king and a transparent communication bridge is a way to win the king’s heart! Also known as a customer interaction center or e-contact center, your contact center becomes a central hub where all customer queries and engagements are addressed! However, maintaining a fully functional contact center can be tough given the magnitude of operations your organization handles.

At Calibehr our efficient and effective blend of customer communication and contact center management can help your brand reach customer satisfaction goals easily!

Our Range of Contact Center Solutions

Inbound - Our Inbound Call Center Services include

  1. Expert Customer Service - From order processing to query management, post-sales support and more- our consumer management team promises 100% customer satisfaction above anything else

  2. Order Management - Our trained professionals are equipped to handle any level of order surges and management, and that too we'll do it with utmost professionalism.

Outbound - Our scope of outbound services include up-selling, cross-selling, customer acquisition, verification, surveys and alternative custom services as proposed by the client

Feedback Calling - We'll make your customers feel special! Your customer's opinions matter to your business and can comparatively improve product and service quality. Let our trained operatives help you bridge communication gaps with customer-oriented feedback services.

Email Support - Emails are one of the major sources of customer communication and our dedicated team of customer representatives are trained to handle anything from tech support and order query to problem resolutions, and even cross-selling- all through our email-support services

Live Web Chat Support - In this world of rapid responses and instant communication, our Live web chat support services can be there for your customers 24*7/365 on your behalf! Let us be there for your customer anytime, any day.


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