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Organizations deal with huge amounts of customer, sales, product, transaction, market and social data. It is very important to manage, maintain and analyse the data collected to get valuable insights out of it. Data Management practice at Calibehr helps organizations in managing the data effectively and efficiently. Our team of professional and dedicated members creates/manage accurate reports, dashboards, and alerts which help organizations in satisfying various reporting needs from MIS reporting to regulatory compliance reporting. Calibehr’ solutions can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems and deliver smart, advanced, real-time analytics for informed and quick decision making. We integrate research and analytics with the help of the processed data to ensure that all the solutions we deliver create a significant impact on businesses.

Best-in-Class Data Management Solutions

Transaction Processing - Transaction processing means dividing information processing into individual, indivisible operations. It is an expensive and time-consuming process which eats into business efficiency compromising the core business strategic goals. Calibehr Data Management Solutions, a professional BPM company, has the resources, expertise and the knowledge to manage organizations transaction processing successfully.

Market Research - Technology has made it easier for organizations to gather and process data but the real challenge lies in delivering insightful findings at faster turnaround times. Calibehr combines human intelligence with the power of automation to help organizations improve the speed and quality of their reports. Our services include data processing and analytics, digitization, online survey enablement, open-ended coding, presentation and report writing, project management, transcription, and translation, charting, and data visualization.

Document Collection - We have spent years providing an easy to use document collection service with straightforward processes that our clients can trust. We collect the documents promptly, handle them professionally and return them as quickly as possible.

KYC Checks - Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates that organizations who are active within the BFSI sector must carry out due diligence on their clients to verify their identity and prevent identity theft, fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing. Calibehr offers technology backed solutions to provide clients with an easy to use, automated and safe way to stay compliant with KYC requirements.

Integrated Services - With have developed sophisticated methods to bring many data sources together to aid the daily functions of a business. This means that a lot of time is saved to focus on other activities to help grow the business. By utilizing our integrated data management system our clients improve their efficiency and costs.

Process Audit - Calibehr’s specialist audit service team is adept at conducting a process audit in several domains to ensure that business’ projects, products, processes, and operations meet and exceed market regulations and standards. We focus our assessment to specific procedures, routines/specifications used in a designated business area, unit or department to ensure quality service.

We’re one of the Leading Data Management Companies in India

Pan-India Presence - Calibehr is a professionally managed business service provider with Pan-India presence. Our clients can avail our enterprise data management services from numerous locations in India.

Years of Industry Experience - Our years of multi-industry experience lets us cover various business domains with ease. Our data management services include customers, marketing, communication, products, contracts, financial transactions, financial instruments, accounting, risk, regulatory reporting, compliance, and market data.

Deadline-Oriented Professionals - Our detail-oriented data managers create database systems that meet an organization's needs for the data they plan on or have already gathered. Our data-managers are individuals with a knack for analytical thinking who excel in the world of numbers, records and raw data.

Timely Communication with Clients - There is a constant need for reports for organizations for analysis of trends and decision making. We ensure that relevant reports are made available to right stakeholder at the right time by following strict timelines.

Systematic Process - Calibehr delivers faster data management services by using machine learning, parallel query execution, and columnar database.


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